Who Am I?

A question, I really cannot answer with a simply sentence. Matter of fact, I’ll probably need my whole life to come to a final answer.

But what I do know is my passion I have for other people, moreover  telling their stories of struggle and happiness that haven’t been told yet.

Every day, we pass hundreds of people, disregarding those sitting on the side walk, as if they are not worth our attention, although they are just as valuable and precious as every other individual. Have you ever thought about why people you meet are the way they are? What made them become the human being they are today?

Each and every day, people have to suffer in different ways through racism, poverty, laws, identity, immigration, etc.

What I have experienced throughout my work is that we tend to choose the path of narrowing down our views, and overlook those issues, because it doesn’t fit into our schedule or believes we have of our country. Which is a shame.

When I decided to leave everything behind and moved from Germany to the United States, to pursue my dream to become a multimedia journalist, I did not realize how much it really meant to me to listen and tell.

Graduating with a Bachelor’s of Arts in journalism from the Ohio State University was the first step toward my journey of awakening.

Through my work experiences at 10TV News, WNCI Radio, The Lantern and UWeekly, I have gained the tools to craft stories, and widen other people’s narrow mindedness.

I am determined, hard-working and passionate, ready to take on any project that is necessary to be told. Awareness is the first step toward change, let’s do it together.

 Anna Duee